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Indonesian city revs up Covid-19 vaccine buses to bring shots to the people

Straits Times Asian News - 2 hours 46 min ago
June 13, 2021 5:22 PM

PEKANBARU (REUTERS) - An Indonesian city is bringing Covid-19 vaccines to its people with a growing fleet of inoculation buses, as the country faces a spike in infections after a major religious festival.
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South Korea to exempt some people vaccinated overseas from Covid-19 quarantine

Straits Times Asian News - 3 hours 1 min ago
June 13, 2021 5:07 PM

As of May 5, quarantine exemption was applicable to only people fully vaccinated in country.
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Thailand denies blocking exports of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines

Straits Times Asian News - 3 hours 42 min ago
June 13, 2021 4:26 PM

BANGKOK (REUTERS) - Thailand is not blocking exports of the AstraZeneca vaccine, a government representative said, after Taiwan said Thailand was keeping for itself doses of the vaccine that it is producing.
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Malaysia deports French conspiracy theorist wanted for abduction

BBC Asia News - 3 hours 54 min ago
French conspiracy theorist Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann is wanted over the kidnapping of a child in April.
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Malaysia's Covid-19 vaccine strategy under scrutiny as mega vaccination centres open in cities

Straits Times Asian News - 4 hours 10 min ago
June 13, 2021 3:58 PM

The mega centres have raised concerns of overcrowding and lack of access in rural areas.
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China-Australia relations: Canberra ‘ready to sit around the table’ with Beijing again, PM Scott Morrison says

SCMP Asian News - 4 hours 13 min ago
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said his government wants to restart dialogue with Beijing, as a series of trade reprisals from China strain the already-weakened relationship between the two countries.“We, of course, would like to see the dialogue that was occurring to continue again and start again,” Morrison said at a press conference on Saturday at the G7 leaders meeting in the UK, according to a transcript sent by his office. “Australia is always ready to sit around the table…
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G7 summit: China says small groups do not rule the world

BBC Asia News - 4 hours 21 min ago
The G7 leaders, who are meeting in England, have sought a unified position over China's rise.
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Malaysia deports conspiracy theorist Remy Daillet wanted in France over 8-year-old girl’s abduction

SCMP Asian News - 5 hours 6 min ago
Malaysia on Sunday deported a leading figure in conspiracy circles who is wanted in France over the kidnapping of an eight-year-old girl, sources said.Remy Daillet, his pregnant partner and three children were arrested late last month on the holiday island of Langkawi over their residency status.The Frenchman and his family were deported from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and are expected to arrive in France early on Monday.The girl, identified as Mia, was taken in mid-April from her…
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Malaysia deports conspiracy theorist wanted in France over abduction

Straits Times Asian News - 5 hours 17 min ago
June 13, 2021 2:51 PM

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Malaysia on Sunday (June 13) deported a leading figure in conspiracy circles who is wanted in France over the kidnapping of an eight-year-old girl, sources told AFP.
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Alleged accomplices in Ghosn escape set to appear in Tokyo court

Straits Times Asian News - 5 hours 35 min ago
June 13, 2021 2:33 PM

Michael Taylor, 60, and Peter Taylor, 28, have been charged with helping the former Nissan chairman
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After Gojek’s merger, are Indonesian delivery riders getting a worse deal?

SCMP Asian News - 6 hours 38 min ago
Hot on the heels of a multibillion-dollar merger between Indonesia’s tech behemoths Gojek and Tokopedia is not the much-anticipated public listing by their parent, GoTo Group, but a strike from drivers of Gojek’s same-day parcel delivery service.Their three-day strike came after Gojek said it planned to dramatically slash incentives for GoSend Same Day, which promises instant delivery to e-commerce customers in the Greater Jakarta area and the city of Bandung in West Java.Before, a driver could…
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Gas pipe explosion kills 11 in central Chinese city, CCTV reports

Straits Times Asian News - 6 hours 41 min ago
June 13, 2021 1:27 PM

The accident occurred in the city of Shiyan, in Hubei province.
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South Korea's delivery workers go on strike against overwork amid Covid-19

Straits Times Asian News - 7 hours 32 min ago
June 13, 2021 12:36 PM

SEOUL - South Korea's delivery workers have gone on strike indefinitely to demand employers stick to an agreement to prevent overwork, amid an online shopping boom triggered by Covid-19.
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Why didn’t the rest of Asia get a taste for Chinese hero Yuan Longping’s hybrid rice?

SCMP Asian News - 8 hours 8 min ago
As a guest professor at the Institute of Food and Nutrition Development in Beijing, Suresh Babu often finds himself eating out at Chinese restaurants after his lectures. Fortunately for him, Babu is a “rice lover”.“Whenever I go to China, I find hybrid rice in the restaurants, grocery shops, everywhere,” said Babu, who is also a senior fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington.Less fortunately for Babu, while modern China may have what seems like an endless supply…
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Hong Kong police arrests at least three on anniversary of 2019 protest

Straits Times Asian News - 8 hours 25 min ago
June 13, 2021 11:43 AM

The protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct and failing to produce proof of identity.
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Australia's Victoria state expects further easing of Covid-19 curbs

Straits Times Asian News - 8 hours 28 min ago
June 13, 2021 11:40 AM

Victoria emerged from the lockdown on Friday as new cases declined, but some physical distancing rules remain.
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Delivery rider deaths in Australia prompt calls for safety overhaul

Straits Times Asian News - 9 hours 8 min ago
June 13, 2021 11:00 AM

Measures to impose tougher safety requirements on food delivery firms, riders criticised as inadequate.
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Bangkok to allow more businesses to reopen as Covid-19 outbreak eases

Straits Times Asian News - 9 hours 9 min ago
June 13, 2021 10:59 AM

People will regain access to parks, botanical gardens and museums in the city.
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Japan to start antitrust probe on Apple, Google: Report

Straits Times Asian News - 9 hours 27 min ago
June 13, 2021 10:41 AM

Apple's iOS and Google's Android software stands at more than 90% of the Japanese smartphone market.
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Geisha company in Japanese city of Niigata bets on crowdfunding to survive coronavirus downturn

SCMP Asian News - 10 hours 8 min ago
An ultra-modern online crowdfunding campaign has come to the rescue of one of the most traditional and uniquely Japanese businesses in the north coast city of Niigata – its geisha community.Japan’s famous female entertainers have been struggling for years, with fewer young women willing to put in the long hours of studying musical instruments and dance to become geisha, while there are also fewer wealthy patrons willing to support the “willow world” and growing competition from alternative…
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