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Tit-for-tat response: Korea Herald

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 11:45
June 09, 2022 11:45 AM

The paper says Pyongyang's provocations are deeply worrisome, since it heralds an imminent nuclear test as well as the beginning of a firepower demonstrations race.

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Indonesia shifts G-20 focus to energy security

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 11:30
June 09, 2022 11:30 AM

This was needed to maintain the relevance of Indonesia's G-20 presidency for solving current challenges.

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Senior Chinese diplomat says relations with Japan at important juncture: China Daily

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 11:28
June 09, 2022 11:28 AM

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - China-Japan relations involve a number of old and new problems, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Tuesday (June 7), adding that the difficulties and challenges faced by bilateral ties should not be ignored.

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Calls grow to boycott Indian goods in Mideast following insults of Prophet Muhammad and Islam by members of Narendra Modi’s BJP

SCMP Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 11:14
#BoycottIndiaProducts and #Stopinsulting_ProphetMuhammad were trending as part of spillover from a spat over the weekend that saw several Gulf nations summon Indian envoys to protest comments made by members of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party.
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Australian PM says Cabinet to address KFC 'cabbage-gate'

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 11:13
June 09, 2022 11:13 AM

Anthony Albanese quipped the situation had become a national "crisis".

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Samrat Prithviraj: Why did a Bollywood film on a 12th Century king fail?

BBC Asia News - Thu, 2022-06-09 11:13
A much-hyped film on popular Indian king Prithviraj Chauhan has tanked at the box-office. Why?
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Thailand legalises cannabis trade but still bans recreational use

BBC Asia News - Thu, 2022-06-09 11:04
Thais can now grow cannabis for commerce, but the rules still ban recreational use.
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Heavy rains leave 10 dead, hundreds of thousands displaced in China

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 11:01
June 09, 2022 11:01 AM

BEIJING (AFP) - Ten people have died in central China as torrential rains lashed Hunan province, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands, state media reported.

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Bon Odori Festival: Malaysian royal intervention saves Japan dance festival from Muslim critics

SCMP Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 10:15
Sultan of Selangor said Japan’s summer dance would not be detrimental to the Islamic faith despite calls from conservative Muslim groups that the event be banned.
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Special Malaysian Parliament sitting proposed for early July to table anti-party hopping law

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 09:25
June 09, 2022 9:25 AM

All eyes will now be on PM Ismail to see if he does go ahead with the proposal.

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Indonesian navy officers asked for US$375,000 to release tanker off its waters near Singapore

SCMP Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 09:15
Ships often anchor east of the Singapore Strait while waiting to dock, believing they are in international waters and therefore not responsible for any port fees. The Indonesian navy has said publicly much of this area is within its waters and intended to crack down on vessels anchored there.
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Shanghai's Minhang district announces new Covid-19 lockdown

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 08:56
June 09, 2022 8:56 AM

The district will conduct nucleic acid tests for all of its residents on June 11.

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Indonesian navy officers reportedly ask for $516,000 to release tanker

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 08:40
June 09, 2022 8:40 AM

Navy personnel detained the Nord Joy on suspicion of anchoring in Indonesian waters without a permit.

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Japan’s June 10 reopening: tourism sector braces for surge of travel-starved visitors eager to ‘experience, not see’ the country

SCMP Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 08:30
As borders further reopen, tourism firms are reporting a surge in bookings and more inquiries about cycling, hiking, eating, skiing trips from US, Europe, Australia. However, pandemic restrictions in China and Hong Kong seem to be skewering Asia’s demand.
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Cost of living: The shock of rising prices in Japan

BBC Asia News - Thu, 2022-06-09 07:17
Why making Japan's favourite snack more expensive was so controversial it prompted an ad campaign.
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Washington sees path to more sway in Asia as China's efforts stall ahead of defence ministers' meeting

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 07:06
June 09, 2022 7:06 AM

Pentagon chief Austin is expected to meet Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue.

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Covid-19 in China: Shanghai getting used to 'new normal'

BBC Asia News - Thu, 2022-06-09 07:00
The city had been in lockdown for two months as China imposed its "zero Covid" policy on the population of 25m.
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China sees an exodus of South Korean giants as relations wane

Straits Times Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 06:17
June 09, 2022 6:17 AM

Once they exit, South Korean companies aren't likely to return to China with new investments.

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US confrontation or Chinese cooperation? As the Asia-Pacific contemplates its future security, the choice is obvious

SCMP Asian News - Thu, 2022-06-09 03:30
As the defence chiefs of the US and China head to Singapore to promote their security strategies for the Indo-Pacific, countries in the region face a choice. Yet given their desire for development and cooperation, the US’ focus on exclusivity and rivalry offers little compared to China’s vision of mutual understanding.
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Airport restrictions, quarantine rules for unvaccinated eased as South Korea opens up

Straits Times Asian News - Wed, 2022-06-08 22:20
June 08, 2022 10:20 PM

SEOUL - South Korea has eased airport restrictions and removed mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated travellers, as part of efforts to reopen borders now that its domestic Covid-19 situation has stabilised.

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