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Pacific tensions: New Zealand leaders call for less ‘patronising’ approach to island nations

SCMP Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 18:56
Pacific countries can make their own decisions about engaging with China, Jacinda Ardern says, after Beijing reportedly sought a Pacific agreement with 10 nations, sparking debate about the influence of major powers.
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NFTs, crypto boom bring tighter regulation in Thailand

Straits Times Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 18:16
June 07, 2022 6:16 PM

NFTs have become a popular way to sell things from digital artworks to Buddhist amulets.

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Durian orchards, supermarkets and hospitals enter metaverse in Thailand

Straits Times Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 18:13
June 07, 2022 6:13 PM

The country has launched an initiative that enables tourists to explore virtual durian orchards.

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Thailand's metaverse ventures: Some will die off, some will stay

Straits Times Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 18:10
June 07, 2022 6:10 PM

The metaverse is the latest buzzword to enter the mainstream lexicon in the country.

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China Perspective Podcast: Why is China lobbying for more support from the Pacific Islands?

Straits Times Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 18:00
June 07, 2022 6:00 PM

The Straits Times analyses the latest developments in China in this weekly podcast.

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Thailand urged to let refugee status of stranded Rohingya be evaluated by UN

SCMP Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 17:52
The 59 ethnic Rohingya travelled from Bangladesh on a fishing boat and the ship’s captain left them on a Thai island telling them it was Malaysia – a country relatively lenient to arriving migrants.
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The woman who started Prophet Muhammad row

BBC Asia News - Tue, 2022-06-07 17:50
Who is Nupur Sharma, the politician whose offensive comments have incensed the Islamic world?
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What caused a Malaysian man to slice his mother into 15 pieces in alleged murder?

SCMP Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 17:49
A dispute over inheritance drove a Malaysian man to murder his mother and dump her mutilated body in a sewage tank at their house. Police said the suspect was suffering from mental health problems.
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Indonesia eyes subsidies, nuclear power in renewable energy Bill

Straits Times Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 17:41
June 07, 2022 5:41 PM

The Bill aims to give all residents access to power and make the country entirely reliant on renewable energy by 2060.

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US, S Korea fly 20 fighter jets over N Korea in ‘swift and forceful’ response, a day after warning

SCMP Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 17:21
The joint air demonstration was intended display the ability to rapidly respond to N Korean provocations, chiefs of staff said, while N Korea has long condemned the allies’ combined military exercises as invasion rehearsals.
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Demand grows in India for national guarantee of urban employment

Straits Times Asian News - Tue, 2022-06-07 17:07
June 07, 2022 5:07 PM

Unemployment rates have been higher in urban than rural India for as many as 10 months since June last year.

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