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Mandaue brgy execs launch 4-month feeding program

Cebu Sun.Star - Sat, 2022-07-02 16:22
OFFICIALS of Barangay Subangdaku in Mandaue City launched a 120-day feeding program for malnourished children on Friday, July 1, 2022, as the country observes National Nutrition Month.

The 120-day feeding program is Subangdaku’s way of defeating malnutrition in the community.

Rebecca Colina, barangay councilor and chairman of Subangdaku’s committee on health, told reporters that the feeding activity is annually done and starts in July.

Under the program, malnourished children in the barangay identified by health personnel through a survey are given food packages that include fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food to help them achieve the ideal weight for their age for 120 days or four months.

The food packages will be delivered straight to their houses by the assigned barangay health officer in their area.

Colina said they had identified about 15 children, originally from 18 in 2021, who are malnourished. These children have ages one to four years old.

They will be monitored by barangay health officials right after the end of the feeding campaign to check for any changes, such as if they have already improved their weight, said Colina.

Once the children achieve the standard weight for their age, they will be removed from the list of beneficiaries for the feeding program, Colina added.

Promote proper nutrition

Colina and the rest of Barangay Subangdaku’s officials urged people, particularly the parents, to attain a healthy lifestyle the best way they can, especially for their children.

“Proper nutrition is really important for our children, especially this rainy season. Good health comes with good nutrition,” said Mona Manatad, one of the barangay’s councilors.

Malnutrition is one of the prevalent problems in the Philippines.

Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) revealed deaths caused by malnutrition increased by almost 40 percent for the January to October 2021 period, one of the highest on record.

The PSA cited poverty as one of the main reasons for malnutrition in the country.
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Church execs break ground on shelters for Odette-affected families in Boljoon

Cebu Sun.Star - Sat, 2022-07-02 16:22
SEVERAL families living in Lower Beceril-Granada, Boljoon town, southern Cebu who were affected by Typhoon Odette (Rai) in December 2021 will soon have their own core-progressive shelter units.

These housing units, usually measuring 12 square meters of floor space, are environment-friendly and are built to withstand typhoons, flooding and mild earthquakes.

Materials for the construction of these shelters are locally sourced. They are called “progressive” because the beneficiary-family can expand and upgrade their unit.

Caritas village

These shelter units, to be built on land owned by the Archdiocese of Cebu, will form part of the Caritas Village in Lower Beceril-Granada.

It is a five-minute uphill drive from the center of Boljoon, a town in the south of Cebu. The housing project is a collaborative effort of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu, Cebu Caritas Inc., and the Municipality of Boljoon, with support from the Relief and Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) of the Cebu Archdiocese, Caritas Philippines, Caritas Internationalis and the Patrocinio de Maria Parish of Boljoon.

A perspective of the shelter unit, dubbed “Balay Caritas: Puy-anan sa Gugma ug Paglaum (Caritas House: Home of Love and Hope), was unveiled in a groundbreaking ceremony last June 27 at the settlement site.

In attendance were Msgr. Jose Dosado, the episcopal vicar for District 3 parishes, who led the rite of blessing together with Cebu Caritas president Fr. Alex Cola, Cebu Caritas program director Fr. Alden John Baran and RRU head Fr. Charles Jayme, Cebu Caritas trustees lawyer Maria Jane Paredes, engineer Charlie Taguiam, Dr. Jesus Ravanes and Dr. Greta Canoy. Boljoon Mayor Merlou Derama and other local government officials were also present.

Cola said Cebu Caritas and RRU will soon roll out a livelihood program for the beneficiary-families. (PR)
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Toledo City, 3 towns now have CTU regular campuses

Cebu Sun.Star - Sat, 2022-07-02 16:18
TOLEDO City and three towns in Cebu’s Third District now have their own Cebu Technological University (CTU) regular campuses.

​This is after the bills authored by Deputy Speaker Pablo John Garcia (Cebu, Third), which were approved by the Lower House and the Senate, lapsed into law last month.

Aside from Toledo City, the other three CTU campuses are situated in the towns of Pinamungajan, Asturias and Balamban.

​“I am overjoyed to learn nga finally, nahimo na gyung balaod ang paghimog regular CTU campuses sa tulo ka mga lungsod ug usa ka dakbayan sa atong distrito. The amount needed for their operation will be included in the national annual budget. We can just imagine how many families will benefit from a more accessible education for the youth. Dili na kinahanglan moadto sa Cebu City,” said Garcia, who is starting a fresh term after running unopposed during the May 9, 2022 elections.

​The four new CTU campuses were made possible after Garcia filed several house bills converting the satellite CTU campuses in the four areas in his district into regular campuses.

While Garcia’s house bills were eventually signed by Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III and House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco, they lapsed into law last June.

This led to the approval of Republic Act (RA) 11787 (CTU Pinamungajan Campus Act), RA 11788 (CTU Toledo Campus and CTU Asturias Campus Act) and RA 11757 (CTU Balamban Campus Act).​

6 of 7 towns have regular campuses ​

With the passage of these laws, six of the seven local government units in Cebu’s Third District now have a CTU regular campus.

The first ones were in Barili and Tuburan. These government-run universities are offering short-term technical-vocational courses, as well as undergraduate and graduate courses.

Garcia was instrumental in providing buildings and equipment for these schools. He also distributed scholarship grants and educational assistance for the students. (PR)
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Spilling The Real Tea on Homeschooling

Cebu Sun.Star - Sat, 2022-07-02 16:18
Education plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Growing up, most people are sent to school to learn and be guided by teachers who become second parents throughout their academic life. Once one becomes older, he is weighed down by responsibilities, and ends up looking back to the days of school and how fun and carefree that time was.

Homeschooling is a concept that is new, at least for the common folk, in Cebu. However, society boxes this format of education exclusively for the rich and famous. Catholic Homeschool Network would tell you otherwise.

Established in 2010, this group of homeschooling parents and their children are breaking away from the traditional way of learning and education and are taking matters into their own hands. Catholic Homeschooling Network comprises families from different walks of life. They are mostly regular families that took the time to devote their time and resources for their children, to teach and learn alongside them.

This notion breaks the stereotype that homeschooling is only possible for those who are financially well-off. Joanne Antiquina, a homeschooling parent of her four children, argues that “anyone who can send their children to a private school can comfortably afford a homeschool program. It would even turn out to be more economical than sending them to a regular private school.”

One might question why one would embark on such a journey? Joanne says, “I decided to think outside the box for an alternative way of schooling together as a family; we took the risk!”

A risk it was indeed but one worth taking. However, that didn’t mean that there weren’t any obstacles to be hurdled as Sheila Elle, a homeschooling mom of two, said: “Challenges mostly consist of those which are outside the home. Back in 2009, when we started, most people had no idea what it was. We were met with a lot of objections from well-meaning relatives and friends.”

Despite these difficulties, these parents have zero regrets and are incredibly proud of what their children have become — God-fearing and capable individuals with a vigorous zest for life.

Pio Gerard F. Antiquina is a proud homeschooler as he has been homeschooled for most of his academic life. Now 19 years old and taking on more responsibilities, he has made it clear that he wouldn’t be the person that he is today if it weren’t for his parent’s dedication to homeschool him.

“Homeschooling changed me internally as a person,” he says, “because it has bestowed upon me responsibilities of the household and has formed me into the struggling-towards-Heaven Catholic that I am today.”

Pio points out that one of the best things about being a homeschooler was you were your own boss as he said, “Time has always been my best friend, as I never have to worry about deadlines, and I could set the deadlines myself and study at my own pace.”

Another product of homeschooling is psychology major Inna Elle. Homeschooled since 2009, she shared that she learned how to be more independent as a learner. “Through the years, I learned to plan and direct my lessons, study on my own and evaluate my performance.” Inna also had her own fair share of obstacles that she needed to hurdle. Like everyone else, she struggled with maintaining self-discipline. She goes on to say, “Since students are not strictly bound by rules and a timetable, it was easy to fall into the trap of procrastination and deviate from my schedule, especially when the growing demands of the program were a bit overwhelming.”

Everyone can take a lesson from these wonderful individuals — their courage on treading uncharted waters is proof that if you have your heart set on something, the sky’s the limit, and that is the real tea on homeschooling.
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Eugenio: Break from complacency

Cebu Sun.Star - Sat, 2022-07-02 16:17
Throughout my professional journey, there were a lot of changes to my way of thinking. There was a time in my life where I thought “I don’t mind staying as an Event Manager,” and I saw nothing wrong with it at that time. This was an issue because this sense of contentment that I had was actually complacency, which hindered my growth and progress.

Contentment is not a bad thing. In fact, being happy with how far one has gone is definitely the long-term goal. However, this feeling can be the very thing preventing you from growing. It is important to ask, “Am I happy because I feel accomplished or because I can’t achieve more?” Being able to realize what caused us to think one is content is key to seeing what more we are capable of.

From the Three Factors of Human Success, this calls to mind two in particular, Heaven and Man. In my case, I was lucky to go into Feng Shui with the affinity to study it because it might as well be a gamble on my part. For others, they don’t have to gamble the way I did. Seeing the best path and their own path of least resistance is possible in their Heaven Luck.

Many people are stuck with jobs that they are decent at, but are unhappy. With Heaven luck, not only can we know about one’s personality, but the jobs they can be successful at, have affinity with, and enjoy are also seen. Even one’s success in having partnerships can be seen. Knowing this early on will set up a future with fewer issues and mistakes, assuming Man Luck is exerted.

If Heaven Luck informs you of the path, Man Luck is what is used to forge it. All the knowledge in the world will be useless to those who do not apply it. Same concept is seen when Heaven luck is known, but action is absent. Even the act of escaping complacency is a step in the right direction; however, guidance, although not necessary, is impactful in growing in the right direction.

Unfortunately for most people, like me, we did not have the guidance to know the path of least resistance. Despite that, what I did have were people who supported and believed in me like my family. Although my journey to get it took more than 10 years, my family never left my side.

Complacency is like quicksand. The longer we stay in it, the harder it is for us to get out. Despite that, no matter how deep we get, the right people will always help us to get out, no matter how hard it is to get out. After all, the journey to contentment may be long, tough and rough, but it sure is worth getting.

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Moises: Should I reach out to my ex?

Cebu Sun.Star - Sat, 2022-07-02 16:17
SANDRA: Hi Singlestalk. I’m in a six-month relationship with an officemate. My ex left for Dubai three years ago. We cut the cord in 2020. We couldn’t keep up with the demands of a long-distance relationship. We parted just through chat. I was so mad I didn’t even want to talk to him over the phone. Recently, I learned that he’s in town for a vacation for two months now. Honestly? I want to say sorry. Is it wise to reach out and have our closure?

DJ: You’re now in a relationship. Why do you still want to talk to your ex? Personally, I can’t help but be a little skeptical. Sure, it sounds like it was a tumultuous breakup. You were not waltzing away from the relationship with a champagne glass in hand, toasting to your new life. Staying away, to me, still is the better path.

You are already in a relationship. What’s its status? Being secure about it is crucial before you make any move. There’s a difference between a healthy and unhealthy communication with your ex. A lot of it has something to do with your current relationship status. If it’s still in the adjustment period, being in touch with your ex is a tricky move. Even if your ex has moved on. There may still be some unresolved emotions lurking within you. However, if the current relationship is thriving and there are no romantic feelings involved, communication with your ex may not make your boyfriend feel antsy when your phone vibrates.

Why do you want to reach out? One of the most important aspects in determining whether or not you should reach out to your ex is your motivation. If you want to see him so badly, it’s tough to remain objective. Breakups are always emotional. And raw emotion makes it hard to discern your motives for contacting your ex. Technically, you already broke up. Your ex is no longer your partner or even necessarily your friend. What kind of closure are you looking for? Reaching out can potentially open again what should remain closed. What do you want to happen? Are you hoping for a tearful reunion? Do you want to hash out what went wrong? But is your ex still willing to talk? Don’t you think he has his reasons why he remains disengaged? It’s been two months.

You can say what happened was not a cut-and-dried endeavor where you broke up, moved on, and went about your life. You did not have a chance to even talk. Speaking to your ex, on the flip side, can also keep your wounds from healing. Particularly if you still romanticize about the past. You might only be extracting the moments of the relationship you want to remember. It can obscure the valid concerns that led to the breakup. This email is just the beginning. I suggest you continue to seek support of family and friends you know who want the best for you. Go over all the emotions, concerns, fears and the rest of it. You can also write him a letter. Let it all out. But don’t send it. That way, you can express your emotions without involving your ex. I tried this before and it worked.

Breakups are never easy. You have created a space in your brain while you were together for your ex to act as a romantic partner. This space is not easily reassigned. It’s like breaking an addiction. It’s normal to want to dip back for more. You can consider, however, forging ahead with a friendship when both of you have already healed. Till then, I think it works better if you cut yourself off the source. Don’t rush just because he is in town. When you’re ready, you’ll know.
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Lamitan City to build own airport

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 16:06

ZAMBOANGA CITY - The city government of Lamitan is embarking on an ambitious airport project to boost its development as well as that of Basilan province.

Mayor Roderick Furigay said Saturday they have started the acquisition of land in the area where the airport will be constructed.


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Lamitan City to build own airport

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 16:06

ZAMBOANGA CITY - The city government of Lamitan is embarking on an ambitious airport project to boost its development as well as that of Basilan province.

Mayor Roderick Furigay said Saturday they have started the acquisition of land in the area where the airport will be constructed.


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Pasig mayor vows intensified anti-corruption drive

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 15:58

MANILA - Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto has pledged to continue weeding out corruption and institutionalizing good governance during his second three-year term.

Sotto renewed his commitment after the arrest of a City Hall employee and his cohort over an alleged robbery-extortion case.

"In the l

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DavNor gets choco processor, road and bridge projects

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 15:57

DAVAO CITY - Three big-ticket subprojects of the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) worth PHP337.5 million were turned over to the province of Davao del Norte over the weekend.

In a statement Saturday, DA-PRDP said the projects were officially handed over

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DavNor gets choco processor, road, bridge projects from DA-PRDP

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 15:57

DAVAO CITY - Three big-ticket subprojects of the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) worth PHP337.5 million were turned over to the province of Davao del Norte over the weekend.

In a statement Saturday, DA-PRDP said the projects were officially handed over

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Drug den dismantled, 4 drug suspects nabbed in Tejero

Cebu Sun.Star - Sat, 2022-07-02 15:30
A drug den was dismantled during a buybust operation in Sitio Laurente, Barangay Tejero, Cebu City past noon on Saturday, July 2, 2022.

The joint elements from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in Central Visayas (PDEA 7), Criminal Intelligence and Detection Group in Central Visayas and other police units conducted the buybust operation that led to the arrest of Jerecho Bascon, 48, allegedly a drug den maintainer, and drug den visitors Ronnie Rosos, 31; Leandro Duterte, 20; a construction worker; and Mitchell Leah Liquido, 42.

Confiscated during the operation were two packs of suspected shabu weighing around 11 grams with an estimated value of P74,800, buy-bust money, and drug paraphernalia.

Leia Alcantara, spokesperson of PDEA 7, said this is the first buybust operation that they conducted under new President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.

She said they received information from concerned residents about the illegal drug activity of Bascon prior to the drug raid.

Cases for violation of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 will be filed against the suspects. (BBT, TPT)
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Partnership steps up forest protection in Leyte town

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 15:16

CARIGARA, Leyte - This town's wide forest will be greener and its protection strengthened after an agreement among different actors from the public andprivate sectors, and the academe.

The town's remaining forests and wildlife are now protected and preserved following the signing of the memor

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IP youth group hopes NTF-ELCAC would continue peace mission

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 15:00

DAVAO CITY - The Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Youth Organization (MIPYO) said the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) program of the Duterte administration gave tribal communities the hope to survive and attain peace.

Jessa Mae Crisostomo, the spokesperson of

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IP youth group hopes NTF-ELCAC would continue peace mission

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 15:00

DAVAO CITY - The Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Youth Organization (MIPYO) said the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) program of the Duterte administration gave tribal communities the hope to survive and attain peace.

Jessa Mae Crisostomo, the spokesperson of

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Solon upbeat about new admin's concern for E. Visayas

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 14:56

TACLOBAN CITY - A solon in Southern Leyte is upbeat that more development projects will come to Eastern Visayas under the leadership of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Vice President Sara Duterte, and incoming House of Representatives Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez.

The three key official

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Ilocos Norte farmers, fishers get free agri inputs

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 14:22

LAOAG CITY - The Ilocos Norte government is calling on its eligible farmers and fisherfolk to avail of various support services meant to ease the rising cost of fuel and other commodities.

In time for the planting season, Luz Ortal, the officer in charge of the Sustainable and Development Cou

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New Bacolod mayor aims for 'super city' status

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 14:19

BACOLOD CITY - Newly-installed Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez has committed to harnessing their full potential to achieve a "super city" status under his leadership.

"With your support, we can reach our ambition to make Bacolod a super city. A global city with a diversified economy and skille

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PBBM vetoes bill creating Bulacan Airport special ecozone

Philippines Times - Sat, 2022-07-02 14:10

MANILA - President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has vetoed the measure establishing a special economic zone and freeport adjacent to the proposed airport city in Bulacan province.

In his veto message, Marcos rejected House Bill (HB) 7575, which seeks the establishment of the Bulacan Airpor

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Panunumpa, Pag-aalay, Panata: Mayor Lani Cayetano hits the ground running on Day 1

Cebu Sun.Star - Sat, 2022-07-02 13:55
ONLY minutes after she was formally sworn in on Thursday, June 30, as the City's chief executive, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano hit the ground running by visiting programs that embody her administration's three priorities: health, economic development, and peace and order.

Mayor Lani checked the Taguig Love Caravan in Barangay Balagtas Covered Court, Lower Bicutan, where Taguigeños benefited from free medical and dental services such as checkups, wellness checks, lab tests, and dental extractions. Mayor Lani herself first launched this program in 2010.

She also expressed her intention to continue to improve the health programs developed by her predecessor, Mayor Lino Cayetano, especially those that seek to combat Covid-19.

As part of her administration's economic development thrust, Mayor Lani visited the Work for Pay Orientation at RP Cruz Elementary School, which was attended by more than 200 poverty alleviation program beneficiaries from Barangays New Lower Bicutan, Lower Bicutan, Hagonoy, San Miguel, Tuktukan and Bambang. The Work for Pay initiative is a Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged (Tupad) Workers of Department of Local Employment aimed at families affected by the pandemic but who are not among the national government's ayuda beneficiaries.

The Tupad program was funded under Bayanihan 1 and 2, which were passed when now-Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Mayor Lani were serving their terms in Congress.

In the peace and order arena, the Taguig chief executive met with Taguig chief of police Robert Baeza and Barangay Captain Pedrito Bermas at the Western Bicutan barangay hall, as she laid down her plans to ensure Taguig remains a safe city.

Earlier in the day, Mayor Lani said in her speech during her Panunumpa at the Sen. Renato “Compañero” Cayetano Memorial Science and High School, that her administration would continue the efforts of the past administration in fighting against Covid-19; expanding the economic development and employment in the City, and strengthening peace and order by conducting dialogues with stakeholders on how to intensify the anti-criminality efforts in the City.

"With the overwhelming victory of our slate lie a million dreams and and a million lives that look up to us for leadership and guidance. Mga ginigiliw kong Taguigeño, handa na ako bilang lingkod-bayan po ninyo, handa na po akong paglingkuran kayo bilang Punong Lungsod ng Taguig. Nawa ay handa na rin po kayong samahan ako," she said.

After the Panunumpa, Mayor Lani led a dedication ceremony in City Hall dubbed Pag-aalay attended by all department heads and employees. Mayor Lani dedicated the City Hall and their work to God, as the center of their administration’s service in the city.

Mayor Lani also signed her first executive order which institutionalizes a faith-based values-oriented leadership in the City. Under Executive Order No. 2022-ko01 Series of 202, Mayor Lani sought to establish a moral uprightness and values formation program ensuring that all Taguig employees continue to serve Taguigeños with honesty and integrity as a "God-centered and people-oriented" local government

The EO also lays down the administration’s zero tolerance for any form of corruption.

After the City Hall ceremony, Mayor Lani proceeded to the Taguig Love Caravan, Tupad Work For Pay Orientation, and the peace and order meeting with barangay officials and the local police.

Concluding her day-long activity, an inaugural celebration called Panata gathered all elected officials in the city as they vowed to fulfill their duty to God, country, and countrymen by serving the people wholeheartedly, regardless of their social status. SPONSORED CONTENT
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