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Thailand confirms first monkeypox infection on day WHO meets to decide global health emergency

Fri, 2022-07-22 00:01
A 27-year-old Nigerian national who has a history of travelling from Africa, said he had been ill for about a week. WHO experts will meet to decide whether a surge in infections outside Africa since May now constitutes a global health emergency.
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India’s Sonia Gandhi questioned in historical money laundering case

Thu, 2022-07-21 18:52
Gandhi, president of opposition Congress party, faces a decade-old complaint by a lawmaker from the ruling BJP, who accused her family of misusing Congress funds to buy a newspaper and valuable property portfolio.
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Coronavirus: Tokyo hits pandemic record on rise of new Covid-19 subvariants

Thu, 2022-07-21 18:17
Increased numbers of cases are forcing leaders to reconsider what steps might be needed to contain the outbreak – may add pressure to slow the pace of reopening to tourists.
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Will West Sumatra’s new law lead to more Islamic conservatism in Indonesia?

Thu, 2022-07-21 17:30
West Sumatra’s new law recognising that the province’s customs are based on Islamic law could expand Islamic conservatism in Indonesia, activists warned.
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‘Never again, never forget’, torture victim urges amid fears Philippines’ Marcos will repeat father’s human rights atrocities

Thu, 2022-07-21 17:21
Propaganda is portraying late Marcos Snr reign as a ‘golden era’, but human rights activists are fighting attempts to gloss over widespread abuse and corruption during dictatorship.
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‘I want to leave Sri Lanka as soon as possible’: thousands jostle for passports to flee economic crisis

Thu, 2022-07-21 15:56
About 3,000 people submit their papers to obtain travel documents every day, and some of those waiting in the queue go without food and water for fear of losing their place
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Can a hot-weather fee help protect Asian gig workers languishing in sweltering heat?

Thu, 2022-07-21 14:21
Grab app rolled out a heatwave surcharge in Vietnam to help riders, who often work long hours and have limited access to medical care, deal with extreme weather
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Coronavirus: Australia sees record deaths as Omicron variants push up hospital cases

Thu, 2022-07-21 12:54
The country reported 89 Covid deaths and more than 55,600 new cases on Thursday as the highly contagious BA.4/5 variants take hold.
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Singapore’s hanging spate to continue as minister K. Shanmugam vows no let-up in tough laws to fight illegal drug use

Thu, 2022-07-21 10:16
Nazeri Lajim, 64, was convicted of drug trafficking and is expected to be hanged on Friday. He would be the fifth person to be executed in Singapore since March.
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Australia’s US$22 billion livestock industry under threat as foot and mouth disease found in imported meat

Thu, 2022-07-21 09:42
Viral fragments were found in a sample of pork floss sold in Melbourne, and traces of African swine fever were also detected in the specimen.
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Distrust and unease loom as South Koreans grow wary of China’s clout

Thu, 2022-07-21 06:33
The topic of relations with China, a top trading partner and powerful neighbour, remains a sensitive one among South Korean industry and government officials.
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