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#62 2nd. February 2010

Moalboal, February 2010

Hi, friends of Moalboal!!

A new year and lots of fun.

The last season we have had the best weather I can ever remember. Just about no rain from November until a week ago. Not too hot and just great. I'm off for work soon and want to send this letter off.

This time I thought it could be good with a different news letter so I made a video yesterday from Moalboal. Could be nice to watch for some of you guys that have not been here for years. It's not great and I hope that someone can make a better one later. Just go to:

I've added another 2 videos as well. Maybe not up to PADI standards but fun. At Nelsons Dive shop, every New Years Eve at the training area. Nope, no corals were hurt. , 2003 , 2008. I'm still working on the last dive movie 4 weeks ago.

As of today, we are 459 readers of the Moalboal mailing List.


Jochen, Planet Action, the Mr. Sexy wannabe says that you are surplus if you do not show up for soccer every Monday and Friday up in Moalboal. If you want to play, just show up 16:30.

Pool champion ship every Wednesday in Chili Bar.

In the final the last week:

Katz and Jorgen. Jorgen won the first and almost the second game. After that Katz took over and won.


Bob, terrible BOB hot stuff restaurant, will turn 50 tomorrow. Please send a congratulations E-mail to: thebob@...

Mark, Mark the Shark, had a great 39'th Birthday do at white beach. A few San Migs were consumed.

There's a rumor that they will open a Gaisano supermarket in Moalboal and that they have already bought land somewhere between Moalboal and Badian. They have put up flags and you can see them on the east side of the road.

The Dive Shops around here have for a long time been upset with illegal fishing around the reef and Pescador, mainly fine net fishing. They have now recently all gone together to stand united and push for that to stop. According to some calculations 20 000 are depending here in Moalboal on the money tourists bring into Moalboal. We wish them all the luck.


There is now a list at the notice board in Chili Bar where you can
tell your friends to sign up for the newsletter. Or just have them
send me an e-mail.

At the moment the
exchange rate is:
1 $ = 46.5
1 Euro = 64.6
1 Pound = 74.1
1 Swedish Krona = 6.4

Did you know that the Philippines are the world's biggest importer of rice?


To get the absolute latest whale shark sightings go to Chili Bar and
look at the notice board there. Anyone putting up a sighting receives
a free Ning-Ning drink.

Once you have taken a picture of your whale shark you should go to, they will register the shark.


If you have something for sale, just E-mail me and I will add it onto
the mail.


If anyone has any information that they think would be interesting
for people on this list, please do let me know and I will add it in.
If you know anyone that would like to receive this letter, please
tell him or her to send me an E-mail at the address below and I will
add him or her. I've found it too hard to do it through

Regards, Lars Starner

Moalboal home page:

Other Moalboal Web sites
Kalles blog:
Moalboal town now have their own web site:

This is the first YOUTUBE videos I have found (please let me know if
you know any other videos worth watching) : , commercial about
barefoot resort, White beach. , dive video , dive video , Jochen Planet action dancing.

Flights: and then to Cebu
Tiger air airways,, S'pore to Clark (close to
Manila) something like 60 US$ one way.
Cebu pacific: Cebu ? Hong Kong,
Air Asia X: UK to Malaysia, starting July

Copyright (c) Lars Starner 2010. All rights reserved

Below is websites for different Dive Shops and places to stay and other. If they want they can tell me to add their websites and even better tell me if there's any good barging deals.


Nelsons dive shop:


1. Moalboal Real Estate | Ling Ling Real Estate

Welcome to Ling Ling Real Estate! This company is a part of PINC group that has been in operation for more than 7 years. We are not only known by our ...



If you're interested in a budget live-aboard dive safari, check out:


Jespers dive shop (Neptune Diving Adventure)
Jesper / Neptune blog:
Jesper / Neptune photo:

Jesper / Neptune facebook:

Jesper / Neptune video:



The website about Panagsama Beach
and the website about diving in Moalboal


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