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#63 10th. June 2010 (orig. #74)

Moalboal, June 2010

Hi, friends of Moalboal!!

The low season is here and as usual, a lot of people left in May. May is
when people go to Europe for the summer, work and make money to be able
to stay in Moalboal for the winter season.

A couple of weeks back Cebu city broke a 31 year old heat record with
36.4 Celsius. The wind has now changed and it's nice and pleasant.
30 minutes of rain in the afternoon and then it clears up again, very
nice. The good thing with Cebu is that we never get stupid hot like
Bangladesh or the Mediterranean.

GREAT news; Thresher sharks can now be seen at Pescador every day.
There's a big school of sardines that attracts them. The sardines
unfortunately attract fine net fishermen as well, read more about that
below. Let's hope the thresher sharks can do for Moalboal what it
did for Malapascua.

The Philippines have had elections. President now is Benigno
"NoyNoy" Aquino III. Moalboal Mayor is Titing Gabaron and Vice
Mayor Nelson Abenido (Nelson's Dive Shop) ; Congratulations Nelson.

Did you look at the "Bike Tour of Moalboal" video on YouTube?
, I hope to make one on
Panagsama beach before I leave.

Most of the resorts in Mactan have had full bookings because of the
stuff happening in Bangkok.

As of today, we are 483 readers of the Moalboal mailing List.


Martin Silsat, dive instructor at Neptune dive shop swam 22 km from
Libertad, Negros to Moalboal April 10. He did it to"draw
tourist's attention to Moalboal''


The diveshops have now started a lobby group. The group is called
"Friends of Moalboal; FOM" (they are more than welcome to use
the same slogan as this newsletter). FOM with Rudy (Dolphin House) and
Eddy (Ravenala), in the lead, are talking to politicians and have had
meetings with Governor Gwen Garcia about how to stop illegal fishing.
More about that meeting is posted below. Their actions brings back
memories of the old "Buoy Project" that was active 10 years ago.

When I counted a week ago I saw 3 boats up by the Moalboal pier all
dedicated for patrolling against illegal fishing. I've heard of fuel
problems but hope that will be solved in the future once F.O.M. gains

By some estimate, 20 000 people in Moalboal depends on the dive
tourists. We wish FOM the best of luck.

At the moment the
exchange rate is:
1 $ = 46.5 Php
1 Euro = 56.8
1 Pound = 67.8
1 Swedish Krona = 5.9

Cebu city have started power cuts to up to 2 h / day. The whole province
is lacking 260 Megawatts (please return if you have them), we have so
far been lucky in Moalboal and very few disruptions the last 2 weeks.

If you are buying a vehicle or want to check your own if it is genuine.
Just text: LTO "space" VEHICLE "space" registration
number and send it to phone number 2600, it costs 2 peso and you will
get an answer quick. Pretty cool.

If you want send money to your loved or me there's now an easy way
with GLOBE GCash. By using PayPal you send money to the person's
cellphone. More about that:


Hello Lars,

If you want add my youtube channel to your mailing list so peole can see
some great stuff we have underwater in really good quality.

Underwatervideos in HD


Klemens Gann
HDvideo underwater
6032 Moalboal, Cebu


If anyone has any information that they think would be interesting
for people on this list, please do let me know and I will add it in.
If you know anyone that would like to receive this letter, please
tell him or her to send me an E-mail at the address below and I will
add him or her. I've found it too hard to do it through

Regards, Lars Starner

Sunstar Online: Friday, April 16, 2010

CEBU Provincial Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia met with resort stakeholders and
Local Government Units (LGUs) yesterday afternoon in Moalboal town,

The dive shop owners had written the Provincial Government asking it to
address the destruction of marine life in Pescador, Moalboal, Cebu.

Edward Shaap, owner of Ravenala Resort, expressed his grief about the
current destruction of the diving spots.

The resort owners presented their solutions for the problem. They said
there should be proper implementation of rules and ordinances.

They said divers who come to see the supposed treasures under the sea
are left with nothing.

Shaap said this has been very disturbing, especially when he sees the
thresher sharks being slaughtered and sold in the Moalboal market the
next day.

Garcia expressed appreciation for the concerns of the dive shop owners,
some of whom are foreigners.


The governor said the Province will immediately make definite guidelines
and commitments, but she wanted to hear the side of the LGUs first and
that of the fisherfolks.

Former mayor Titing Cabaron, who is a mayoral candidate of One Cebu,
presented the LGUs side. He said that there are rules and laws, but they
need help from the Maritime police.

Resolution 1077 dated December 11, 1995 enacts an ordinance in order to
declare and establish Pescador Island as municipal marine park with a
marine sanctuary.

The governor said she wanted immediate solutions.

She said officials should be able to define the boundaries of Pescador

She said the Province will turn over one speedboat for the Maritime
police. There will also be one pump boat for the fisherfolks and one
more speedboat from the association of dive shop owners.

A representative from the navy said they will make their presence felt
around Tañon Straight and Pescador Island.

The coastguard said it will also provide additional personnel.

There are now only four Bantay Dagat wardens overseeing the area. The
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, however, have trained ten
more who will graduate next week.

Garcia said she will ask Cebu Provincial Police Director Erson Digal to
provide more personnel.

The LGU's were also ordered to make ordinances to punish those who
buy slaughtered treasure sharks and those who sell them.

Garcia also challenged the fisherfolks who are receiving a 40% share
from the resorts' income to help out.

"You better do what you need to do!" she said.

The fishermen said those who do illegal activities are non-members of
the fisherfolk organization.

With passion

The divers who were present said they are willing to help train the
fisherfolks. They said they can also help by cleaning up the reefs and
removing nets stuck in the corals.

Garcia said she will make an Executive Order that mandates the task
force to identify what and where fisherfolks are in fact actively
involved in protecting Pescador Island.

The 40% share in income will only be given to active organizations.

Lawyer Mariano Mar-tinquilla shall craft the executive order.

Garcia will be back in Moalboal next Friday to sign it.

At the same time, it will be the graduation day of the 10 fish wardens
who are trained by BFAR.

She is asking them to believe in the cause.

The task force or PNP can eventually come up with an eco-tourism plan.

Also present in the meeting were One Cebu vice-gubernatorial candidate
Glenn Soco, deputy speaker Pablo "Pabling" Garcia. (Gayle Tallo,
UPVCC Intern)