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#64 11th. July 2011 (orig. #75)

Moalboal July, 2011

Hi, friends of Moalboal!!

I must admit that I've been pretty crap with sending newsletters
lately. But here's a new one. I left Moalboal 10 days ago for a
short trip to Sweden. Not much has changed in Moalboal. It's still a
great place with great people. I will be back in Moalboal on Thursday.

Some recent stuff:

Pacitas has now put up walls around the disco and lost most of its
charm. It was too loud. Low season now as will so not a lot of people go

The ghetto, between old last filling station and Concordia's corner,
was torn down a few years back. Well, it's coming back now. Small
plywood sheds selling T-shirts. It would not surprise me if the plywood
becomes concrete and then turns into mini bars. We will see.

Another gem that has popped up is Esters bar. It's hard to find but
has a great sea view. It's located just south of Hanna's

I hope to make a video for you guys that have not been there for a
while. Did you see the video of Moalboal?

As of today, we are 485 readers of the Moalboal mailing List.


Pool tournament at Chili bar. The Wednesday I left there were 14
players. An English tourist won but noteworthy is that Joonas, the short
Swedish guy, made it to the final for the first time.


Andy Moreno got married back in April.

Tony Tony, just got a kid named Elvis Aaron


At the moment the
exchange rate is:
1 $ = 42.65
Some banks thinks that by the end of the year, the peso will dip below 40
1 Euro = 60.73
1 Pound = 68.39
1 Swedish crown = 6.67


To get the absolute latest whale shark sightings go to Chili Bar and
look at the notice board there. Anyone putting up a sighting receives
a free Ning-Ning drink.

Once you have taken a picture of your whale shark you should go to
[url][/url] they will
register the shark.


This is a link you should all click and then sign:

Support the Shark Sanctuary in Moalboal, the first in the Visayan area
of the Philippines.

This one is from Dennis; [url][/url]

Basically, it is about it recently being harder for Pilipinos to leave
the country. Good for stopping trafficking but it does give a lot of
people trouble.

Du kan ju lägga in på Moalboal brevet att immigrationen blivit
hårdare med kontroll av Filippinare vid utresa.

Någon aktion mot trafficking gör att Filippinare inte får resa
ut ur landet hur som helst längre.

T.ex. har det blivit ett jävla problem för dom som söker UT
till Sverige eftersom dom måste till Bangkok för biometric, och
får inte åka eftersom dom inte har UT :-(


Tidigare har man ju kunnat åka på semester till Thailand, eller
tagit en weekend på Disneyland i HK. Men det kommer ju inte funka
längre om man inte får lämna Filippinerna.



Hello Lars,
I have just released my coral reef guide on the net.
Would be nice if you could publish this in the next newsletters.
We are both doing fine, not including the weather.
Thanx and greetings.

Joris Rombouts #924074
Stationsstraat 33/1
2950 Kapellen


If you have something for sale, just E-mail me and I will add it onto
the mail.


If anyone has any information that they think would be interesting
for people on this list, please do let me know and I will add it in.
If you know anyone that would like to receive this letter, please
tell him or her to send me an E-mail at the address below and I will
add him or her. I've found it too hard to do it through

Regards, Lars Starner
starner [at]

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