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Air-Con Mini Van from Cebu City to Moalboal?

What is the best way to get from Cebu City to Moalboal? Are there mini-vans in Cebu City offering the trip? If so, where do they leave from? Thanks.

Best meaning cheapest, most convenient, fastest or most enjoyable?? Cheapest - taxi to Southern Bus Station, Librando, ABC or Kings buses to Moalboal. Cost approx. P100. The very cheap option incolves tricycles from the airport in to the bus station and will cost totally about P35 Most convenient - taxi from the airport, cost ~P1500. Negociate with the taxi drivers there. Barter hard! Or arrange for the resort that you plan to stay at to pick you up at Arrivals. Fastest - taxi from airport Most enjoyable - take the bus as above. Your'll see more of the country, talk to the locals who ride on the buses, experience the great scenery as you roll around the edges of mountain roads and find trucks coming the other way etc. etc.!! There are mini-vans that ply the route leaving quit frequently and will cost about P50 per head. Get them from the Southern Bus Station or outside the Librando garage opposite. However you go it will take between 3.5 & 6 hours to get to Moalboal - a morning or an afternoon. Hope this helps. Questions etc. ask away. Regards, Simon.

OK Bus Update Librando and Ceres are the only companies operating the Cebu to Moalboal route. They cost about 50 pesos for the Regular and 75 for the air-con. The regular busses run about every 30 mins and the air-con is 3-4 times a day. Both of these companies now stop at Shamrock in Barilli for a 20 min break. I usually have a cup of coffee and some meat rolls. The meat rolls are excellent P15 and they look like bread rolls but they have meat and eggs inside. I prefer the Ceres Liners, a bit cleaner than the Librando and the drivers are slightly less mental. Try to travel outside rush hour and the journey is quite pleasant. I did it on a Librando in 2 hours 15 mins last month and that includes the stop at Shamrock. V-Hire (Van for hire) leaves from next to the Southern bus terminal, costs about P75, and is most uncomfortable for anyone over 5' 1". 19 seats in a van designed for 9. Some people pay for 2 or more seats or demand the front seats. They don't stop so journey time is reasonable. As for the Taxi being the fastest, I usually end up with a driver who is unsure of the road and trying to save gas so it can often take longer than the bus. Cost about 1200 - 1800. Make sure the car is quite new, some of the older taxis are hell over the bumps. I rented a V-hire, from the next to the Southern Bus Terminal, last month for 1800 and he went back into the city, waited for 3 hours while I went shopping and then drove like a man possessed. Recommended if you want to lay down and/or have lots of luggage. I just returned from Moalboal last week so any questions? Ask away!

I am going to moalboal on march 1, 2008, what time is the first trip of the vans at cebu city? I am planning to catch a dive boat for snorkeling at pescador island, and i will coming from cebu city. Can I catch a dive boat just in time if I take the first trip of the van. Thanks. YM: ambivalent13

The vans go whenever they get full- it just depends on how many they get onboard. So the answer is all the time since they line up.