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ATM machine & internet

Isthere any ATM machine, internet or long distance calling service in Moalbaol? Do the shops accept credit cards or US$?

There are no ATMs that I know of. I've met a Moalboal resident in Cebu City a few times who tells me that he comes into the City once a month expressly to visit the ATM (and do shopping for things from the city, etc). However, there are ATMs between Cebu City and Moalboal (I think I stopped once in Car-Car...or at least Talisay. There are internet cafes. Unfortunately they are quite slow. I assume the LD would work like anywhere else. Buy a PLDT or Globe card for int'l LD. Or you can just use your pre-paid service on a Globe or Smart SIM card. I use Globe and they often run specials that aren't too dial 12800 or 12808 then the country code, etc. (Rates to the US are about $.20/minute. (Regular rate is about $.40/min.) Hope that helps!

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