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looking for a bar/restaurant in moalboal or panagsama

I am looking to open a small bar/restaurant in moalboal, I am from italy and I know this kind of job, I sold my last place here in italy and I plan to move in cebu island, if anyone want give some info about this idea........

Hi Dan,

Well I can hardly say that I'm up to date with what's going on in Moalboal but my thought would be "does Moalboal need another small bar/restaurant"? It has many places to eat and drink already. I would strongly suggest that you visit the place (and not just in the busy time) and see what you think. Fresh blood is usually good but the cake in Moalboal is not that big for the independants. Depends a lot on how you look at the business though, as a place to make money or a place to relax and keep yourself busy during holidays/visits/whatever.

Whatever you decide, hope it goes well.



With a large proportion of the beach being taken over by a Japanese resident and buildings rapidly shooting up there is not much to offer near the beach. Might be a good idea to look into this in more detail before you start. For example the number of tourists that are there throughout the year. peak and off months and the amount of profit you might expect to gain considering your initial outlay.

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