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Moalboal Diving at $200 a Week! (here's how!)

Okay, let me give you the rundown on how to enjoy a REALLY affordable vacation going to Moalboal. Please remember that this package is designed for one person so if you plan to go with a partner/s, adjust the prices accordingly.

First of all, Moalboal is primarily a diver's village. This means that although there are other things that you can do there, I would recommend that you go to other places in the Philippines if you aren't a diver. But if you are a diver who looks for the lowest prices but still craving maximum enjoyment, then this is for you.

Getting to Moalboal: Like this site says there are many ways to get to Moalboal but the cheapest, simplest way is to simply take the [b]BUS[/b]. Yes, you heard me- a bus ride only costs around 65 Pesos as of this date. A taxi will cost you in the thousands but why pay for that if you can get it ten times less?

I suggest taking the Librando bus lines, just tell the taxi driver to go to the Librando terminal close to the main South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. I do know that Librando has a daily bus scheduled to go at 10:30am every day of the week so be there by 10am and you should be all set. I do suppose there are other times you can take it but the 10:30 one goes without fail. Although the bus isn't usually airconditioned, you will get a nice breeze and you should be in Moalboal in 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Once form there, just flag a tricycle to bring you to Panagsama Beach.

If for some reason you can't make it to the terminal on time (late flight in, etc.) you could make an overnight stay in either a girlie motel (yes, that's right, they are super cheap and you can have fun in the process too!) or a pension house for about 300-400 Pesos per night and be ready to go in the morning. I recommend Kukuk's Nest in Lahug, Hotel Sogo or Queensland motel- just tell the taxi driver to bring you there.

If you wanna grab a meal in Cebu, there are plenty of all-you-can-eat places there. In Ayala Mall there is Ratsky's (120 Pesos for all you can drink beer/coke/ice tea and pizza during 2pm-6pm daily: Unbeatable!) Or P130 all-you-can-eat buffet at the Earthweb Cafe during lunch and dinner (they got salad and desserts too!).

Accomodations in Moalboal: Okay, now that you've made it to Panagsama beach, you need to look for an affordable but still comfortable place to stay. If you just need a fan to sleep with, then I recommend you rent a nipa hut over at Pacita's, if you haggle with them you could probably grab a hut for about 350-450 Pesos a night. The facilities will be rustic but if you don't mind that then go for it.

If you are looking for an airconditioned place- there are plenty for around 800-1000 Pesos, the best way to get them is to shop around and haggle until you get the best bargain! Trust me, it pays to look around for the best deal.

Diving: Well if you like being pampered and having a laid-back time I suggest you try Nelson's dive school, I always dive with them and they gave me a very good discount for my loyalty! I also recommend Ocean Globe for the Japanese divers (they also have local guides which are competent) and Blue Abyss for the German divers (they have nice packages for 10 dives).

Eating: One of my favorite places to go eat in Moalboal is the Little Corner restaurant, just a few meters down the path from Last Filling Station (my other choice). Its the place that sticks out on stilts and has red tablecloths. They have very affordable meals and very tasty ones at that. A full breakfast should cost you about P100 and a hearty dinner around P150-200. Here's a tip: bring small peso denominations if you can, most restaurants have got very little change- or even better, start a tab and pay them all off when you leave!

All in all, for around $200 a week, you can have three dives per day, stay at a nice room by the sea and eat three great meals. Can there be anything better than that? :D


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