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Moalboal vs. Dumaguete? pros and cons

How does Moalboal compare to Dumaguete? The people locals and expats? Crime? Cost of land and or buying a house? Is there a baseball field in Moalboal? If you did not live in Moalboal, where else would you live in the Philippines?

Depends on what your needs are, I guess. Dumagete has got some nice spots but there are few dive shops in the area. The beaches are black sand rather than white and the airport is somewhat lacking. The prices in Dumagete are probably cheaper in terms of real estate because it is less developed. The dive shops and beachse are more spread out as well. Moalboal is at least 2.5 hours from Cebu so you won't have access to a major metropolitan city for some types of supplies. If you plan on setting up a dive shop, don't- there are too many already. What's good about it is that everything is in one place. As far as locals and expats, there are many on both places. I would say there is more of a concentration in Moalboal bacuse its a smaller place. I live in Cebu City myself (plenty of expats do) and I go to Moalboal every month for diving.

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