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Studying the Filipino Martial Arts in Moalboal

I hear that Ondo Caburnay teaches the Filipino martial arts (arnis/eskrima) in Moalboal. (By Kukuk's Nest?) During my last trip I tried to get in touch with him via Kukuk's Nest in Cebu City, but didn't reach him. Anyone know anything about how to get in touch with him, and when lessons are offered? Thanks.

:o go to this link or contact Mario Jadraque, he also teaches music theory at the Salonga Music School, you can get the telephone no. of Salonga through the local telephone directories. Lapunti Arnis de Abanico Mario Jadraque Vice President 333-10 A Victor Village Punta Princesa Cebu City 6000 meanwhile, see this link for the latest on the Sabanal saga, the hero of Moalboal: Good luck!

You can buy this magazine too for some comprehensive history about FMA and others.

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