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V-Hire: A Fast and Cheap Way To get to Moalboal

A V-Hire is essentially a private air-conditioned minivan that brings you to areas in the provinces. I have found that riding in them going to Moalboal is not only faster than a bus, it is also a lot less expensive than a taxi from the airport.

First off, the V-Hire terminal is in a lime-colored building called ONE CITILINK TERMINAL (just past the South Bus terminal after the hospital); what you want to do is tell the cabbie to head over there- the V-hires are located at the back and the signs above their parking spaces will signify which destinations they are going to; all you have to do is take the one that goes to Moalboal. Once the V-hire gets packed then they speed off; it looks like there is a V-Hire that goes off every hour or so.

As of this writing the fare is about P80 (less than $2) which is only slightly more than a bus ticket.

- it costs about as much as a bus ride so it's cheap.

- they travel fast because there is very little stopovers unless you need to urinate or they start to get close to their destination (ETA is usally 1.5 to 2 hours as opposed to 3.5 hours by bus).

- aircon and better seats gives more comfort.

- there is room at the back for luggage since most local travelers on the V-hire don't carry any.

- they tend to pack everyone in like sardines so be prepared if its during a busy season.

- a friend of mine got robbed on a V-Hire a few years back; I think the situation has improved since then but at the same time, don't flash money or wealth around so would-be robbers won't be tempted.

There you have it- good luck on your trip and tell us your experiences with V-Hires! :)


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