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Year round housing

I see lots of tourist accomodations available. But, what is available for someone wanting year round housing? I prefer not to build, i'd rather lease. If I had to build it would be a simple cottage with kitchen, cr, shower, and porch. Is there a local Nipa builder?? And as a non-citizen, anyone leasing 100 sq meters?? My main residence would be in Cebu City and Moalboal would be my fishing spot when I want to get away.

Hi, I'm not the best person to reply about very long term leasing, renting or what-have-you. Hopefully Bob or someone will pop in with better info. However, like most places in the Philippines there is always someone ready to rent out a place. Leasing legally is no problem, buying will be. If you wanted to build, then you might want to get in touch with Gunter and Klaus (contact info on the Links page) if you speak German. Otherwise best advice is to go down there, hang out in some of the bars and speak some of the permanent residents. There are quite a few English, Swiss, American, German, Swedish etc. etc. around and most of them will know someone with a place to rent . Something is sure to suit :) HTH. Regards, Simon.

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