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#70 18th. July 2012 (orig. #80)

Moalboal 2012

Hi, friends of Moalboal!!

I was wrong in my last newsletter.

Please read below


Hi Lars,

this is Christopher Schmidt, owner of Ruth's Beach House in Basdako,
right next to Ravenala Beach Resort.

You mentioned that there are no airlines flying directly to the
Philippines from outside Southeast Asia, which I think is wrong as
Emirates flies from Dubai straight to Manila and Etihad flies directly
from Abu Dhabi To Manila.

I hope this helps and hope all is well in Panagsama.

Best regards,

Christopher Schmidt


And not only that: Qatar Airways also flies to Manila, but non of them
to Cebu.

Manila is turning out to be more of an armpit each day. The last I heard
was that it takes hours just to get into the airport unless you bribe
the right people.

New budget airlines flying into the Philippines are :


Rick the friendly tattoo artist is setting up a tattoo school on the
beach. Max two students / month, 1499US$ . He will teach and they can
follow him when he tattoos. Later he will find live objects for them to
tattoo (Probably some habal habal driver).

First class starts September first so if you know anyone that would like
to start but does not have a clue how to .......... here's a cool
chance. Contact him at Phone: 0063 927 557 4054


If anyone has any information that they think would be interesting
for people on this list, please do let me know and I will add it in.
If you know anyone that would like to receive this letter, please
tell him or her to send me an E-mail at the address below and I will
add him or her. I've found it to hard to do it through

Regards, Lars Starner
starner [at]

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