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#72 5th. October 2013 (orig. #82)

*Moalboal October, 2013*

Hi, friends of Moalboal!!

October and this should be low season but there's lots of tourists out and about. I'm not sure why that is so. This week we have lots of Chinese

The land bank of the Philippines just upped it's prediction for the growth of the Philippines from 5.9% to 7% this year ... that's a lot. Moodys have upgraded the Philippines at least twice this year. It's even looking like they are coming to
terms with some of the corruption, so the Philippine economy is looking brighter. Unfortunately for us tourists, that means that things will become more expensive.

The Philippines has started to put on a "SinTax" on alcohol and cigarettes. The tax will progressively be larger. Beer in most restaurants are now 40-45 pesos.

As of today, we are 488 readers of the Moalboal mailing List.


Pool tournament at Chili bar every Wednesday. Normally there were no tournaments
between May and December but with so many players around it has been going every
week. Last Wednesday Liz won over Katz. Chili bar gave Katz a glass of whiskey
before the final and that did the trick to stop "the amazing Katz".



Gaisano REALLY did start construction for a new supermarket across from Doctor Iris by the Petron Gas Station. They have stopped now because of land disputes, hopefully that will get solved soon. There's also a rumor that another Gaisano brother is planning to build close to Belcris on the way to Badian.

The beach has a few more restaurants.

Czeck Inn opposite Neptune with good food.

Pleasure Principal with Spanish influence, Silver Ray split their restaurant and they are now located there.

Top of the Beach, Normal Pinoy food. Beach Bar closed and they are now located

Another one between Sarah's and Silver Ray that I do not know the name of.

Sunset restaurant next to Chili Bar is getting an upgrade but not finished yet.

Tiki Tiki Divers are relocating to where Hannah had her rental cottages.

At the moment the exchange rate is:
1 $ = 43.08
1 Euro = 68.7
1 Swedish crown = 6.79

You now get a 30 day VISA on arrival, it used to be 21 days. Make sure to have a
printed ticket for your return flight. Kicki got put back on the same airplane
she arrived on. They did let her buy a new ticket at the airport or
S'pore but sent here all the way to Denmark to buy a new ticket.

They have made the Panagsama road 2 wider from Moalboal to Linos lumber.




I know they have seen Whale Shark lately but not where.

The BIG school of sardines have now moved from Pescador to Cabana reef.



To always have a copy of your passport and important stuff available. Scan it and send it to your own G-mail/hotmail address. Not yet sure how to scan a beer though.


If you have something for sale, just E-mail me and I will add it onto
the mail.


If anyone has any information that they think would be interesting
for people on this list, please do let me know and I will add it in.
If you know anyone that would like to receive this letter, please
tell him or her to send me an E-mail at the address below and I will
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Regards, Lars Starner
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