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#73 7th. January 2014 (orig. #83)

Moalboal 2014

Hi, friends of Moalboal!!

New year and new possibilities. I think we had more tourists around, last year. Not sure if it is because of Yolanda. Weather has been great Mid November until last week. Amihan (Northerly winds) has started = bit of rain, bit of sunshine every day.

As of today, we are 488 readers of the Moalboal mailing List.


Pool tournament at Chili bar every Wednesday


At the moment it REALLY looks like we will get a Gaisano mall (or at least a super market) in Moalboal. They are busy building on the East side of the highway, north of the Petron gas station.

We now have a second ATM in town as well. Located on the East side of the road between the Petron gas station and the market.

There is a big sign saying “ Here will open a 7 Eleven” close to the T junction where you turn into Panagsama road.

A lot has changed the last few years here. I remember getting off the Liberando bus just after sunset 1991 and there was no one around. Eventually I found someone that knew a tricycle driver that could give me a ride.

I’m not sure if all this is for the better. All I can say is that Panagsama Beach is still pretty much the same.

Chili Bar had a one hell of a 10 year anniversary December 15. At least 170 people listening to a reggae band and Budoy (world famous in Cebu) was the DJ.


At the moment the exchange rate is:
1 $ = 44.6
1 Euro = 60.8
1 Pound = 72.9
1 Swedish crown = 6.85


My friend Joonas, with his boat Queen X, went to an island south of bantayan with relief supplies. When they arrived the government had given the islanders 3 kg rice/family two weeks ago. So you can imagine how happy they were when they came. All the goods they received was well appreciated. They are now planning another trip next week. If you would like to contribute (please do) this is it:

Paypal: joonas.tenhunen@...

Western Union would also work. His name is Joonas Tenhunen and the E-mail address same as below.

Here’s a link to what they did last time they went : It’s well worth a look.

This time they will focus on building material.

Here is a brief account on what they did last time:

Relifegoods carried:

32 sacks of rice á 50 kg P60,800
20 boxes of sardines, 100 x 155 g cans in each P26,000
20 boxes of noodles, á 72 packs in each P9,500
4 boxes of various candy P3,928
13 boxes of nails (no 2 n 5) á 25 kg each P12,480
23 kg of steelwire, 1 kg in each roll P1,320
20 kg of nylon, no 100-150, 1 kg in each roll P6,080
200 units of school supplies, notebook and pencil P3,130
71 packs of biscuits/crackers, P3,160
35 toothbrushes n toothpaste P652

Loading cost to delivery guys from stores and harbour P800

Total value: P127,850

Some of the contributors for the next relief trip will be (and they have already sent the money)


Lars, I just came from the Western Union where I wired $700 to you in Pesos. You can pick it up any time.

Please thank the following people, perhaps in one of your newsletters or reports. I would love to be able to forward to all those who helped with this little fund raiser. Bless your efforts, Kathy McGuire

Mary Jean Jeanae, Sally Hearon, Margie Helgeson , Audrey Von Bieberstein, Kathy McGuire, Ken McLaughlin, Peggy Kearns , Kathy Piasecki, Pat Canning, Lana Rose, Benedict Family.

Shimamoto gave me money to forward to Joonas, they came from his Japanese neighbours.

Here is another YOLANDA youtube one, still good.


Thresher shark is now the BIG thing here. There’s a big school of sardines outside Nelsons Dive Shop/Cabana Pier. They sardines have attracted the Thresher Shark. This week they have seen them many times during the day.


If you have something for sale, just E-mail me and I will add it onto
the mail.

I personally have a 3500 sqm lot for sale. 1650 peso/sqm that could be subdivided into smaller lots. The lot is located close to other foreigners but not too close. 10 min walking to the beach. Clear papers. Road right of way and water / electricity very close. If interested send an E-mail to starner@... or +63908 565 4512


If anyone has any information that they think would be interesting
for people on this list, please do let me know and I will add it in.
If you know anyone that would like to receive this letter, please
tell him or her to send me an E-mail at the address below and I will
add him or her. I've found it to hard to do it through

Regards, Lars Starner

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