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#74 27th. May 2014 (orig. #83)

Moalboal, May 2014

Hi, friends of Moalboal!!

Low season has started after Easter. Easter was however busy and some dive shops did not even have enough boats to ferry all the divers.

As of today, we are 488 readers of the Moalboal mailing List.

Cebu and Moalboal is growing fast. In Cebu city buildings are shooting up everywhere. On BBC they said that the Philippines has the second most growing economy in Asia. The Gaisano supermarket looks like its half way built. Applications for building permits are up 30% in Moalboal. BUT, on Panagsama beach, not much has happened. It’s still business as usual, in a nice slow manner.

In Moalboal a new 7-11 has opened together with a new bank. The bank has an ATM but does not take international VISA cards.


Very sad to say that Manfred Langer has passed away and his ashes are now spread between his house and Pescador. He battled with cancer a few years.

This nice bit was posted on the Facebook page of Cebu Fun Divers


It is with deep sadness that we announce the loss of Manfred Langer, the founder of Savedra Dive Center and Seven Seas Aquanauts Corp.

After living and working as a dive instructor in the Maldives, Kenya and Hawaii, his passion for diving brought him to the Philippines in 1983, where he founded Savedra Dive Center in Moalboal, Cebu. There was no electricity in those days, no air-con or even a fan, no fridge or cold beer, and fresh water was delivered daily by little fishing boats. But he fell in love with this place, the people and the dive spots. Unfortunately, circumstances forced him to sell the dive center in 1984 and so he opened a new one on Mactan island, Kontiki Divers.

Kontiki Divers quickly became one of the top dive shops in the region. In 1990, he took over another dive center for five years at Club Pacific Beach Resort in Sogod, Cebu. For this he founded Seven Seas Aquanauts Corporation the same year.

In 1995, Savedra Dive Center became again part of the Seven Seas Aquanauts family, joined by the Seven Seas dive center at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in 2004 and Cebu Fun Divers Dive Center in 2009.

Manfred had a contagious passion for scuba diving, infecting everyone he met. He was one of pioneers of tech diving in the 1990s and always was happy to share his extensive knowledge of diving with those who sought his advice.

He truly lived life to the fullest with no regrets and everybody who knew him was in awe of the energy and positive vibrations he seemed to radiate all the time.


Chili Bar has a new manager. Peter (he used to own Czeck inn) is now the new guy in charge.

A new restaurant, located on the road just before the beach, has opened in the building that started as a bowling alley. Sutokil have tanks with live fish. 5000p/Kg for lobster is a bit steep though.

Cafe Cebu has opened where Seaview restaurant used to be (Neighbor to Chili Bar). Fine dining with a Sea View.

Someone is starting an Italian restaurant in old Chief Maos.


At the moment the exchange rate is:
1 $ = 43.6
1 Euro = 59.6
1 Pound = 73.6
1 Swedish crown = 6.6


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