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#75 31st. December 2014 (orig. #85)

Moalboal 2014/15

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends of Moalboal!!

Soon another year and more celebrations.

2014 was quite slow after May. No one is really sure why, might be the aftermath from Yolanda and tourists got scared. Tourism is however up 4% this year, compared to 2013.

This high season is busy though, with most cottages booked. The Philippine economy is steaming on and now have the second highest growth rate in Asia and will probably have it next year as well.

Economy and growth can now be clearly seen in Moalboal. We now have a Gaisano Supermarket and one more being built. Mc Donalds and Seven Eleven. Not sure if that is a good thing but all that is up in Moalboal. Down on the beach it still look pretty much the same.

The price for land up by the road in Moalboal is now around 5000 peso/sqm

As of today, we are 496 readers of the Moalboal mailing List.


Pool tournament at Chili bar every Wednesday .


As of only a few hours ago, the bridge in Alcantara is closed for traffic. Yesterday they had more rain than anyone can remember and over 15 people dead in villages north of Moalboal.

A lot of my friends in Panagsama woke up last night with up to half a meter water in their house.

At the moment the
exchange rate is:
1 $ = 44.7
1 Euro = 54.4
1 Pound = 69.5
1 Swedish crown = 5.8

Thailand is restricting visa for tourists staying a bit longer so more tourists might come to the Philippines instead.


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Regards, Lars Starner
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