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#77 1st. August 2016

Hi all!

It's surprising to already find ourselves over halfway through the year. Where does time go?

Here in Moalboal (it's been a long time since I've been able to write that!) we're seeing the after effects of Typhoon Nida that passed us to the north this week. So we had a tiny bit of rain, overcast skies and very preasant temperatures. Diving before this though was excellent with calm seas and plenty to see - lots of "the usual suspects"!

We don't have a lot to report. I've been living in Tongo for the last month and am ramping up to do lots of things. Planning takes a long long time here . . . maybe by the end of the year I'll have some more concrete stuff in place :). In June of course we had three Brexit's: the saddening vote in UK to leave the EU, the totally unsurprising and rapid exit of the England football team from the Euro competition and me leaving Switzerland, my home for the last 16 years. All these in one month . . . !


Thanks to Chikako who sent me some updates in April before I left Switzerland:

"Cyan: selling action trip plus freediving by Wolfgang, has now a headquarters along the road between Panagsama and Moalboal where it was Situkil before. They had the opening about two weeks ago. (ed: ie. back in March!)

Verandah: a restaurant by the beach where Hannah's restaurant used to be. Korean owned.

Shaka: this is close to where the reef club was before. This is a new approach for Panagsama: paddle board, kayak, etc. I saw only from the outside. I heard that it is Korean owner also."

We also have some info from Klemens at Blue Abyss - still in Germany I think but of course also still busy!

"The ultimate Moalboal movie just got released by award winning cinematographer Klemens who did all the filming underwater and Ramon Moser who took all the wonderful aerial shots. The movie is a MUST HAVE for everybody who loves Moalboal. Available through Vimeo on demand or direct in The Blue Abyss Dive Shop on a USB drive or as file transfer. ENJOY."

Note: If you're running Ubuntu and Chromium and have problems watching the trailer then you will need to install this additional codec package: chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

Highlights from the trailer for me are Klemens' feeding frogfish and the pygmy sea horses. Also there is some nice aerial footage of White Beach and some of the inland areas with even a brief glimpse of the mangroves in our area near Badian. Nice editing job Ramon!


- Jesper is at last back home after his extensive "vacation" on the cruise ships in the Caribbean and Europe :)
- Jochen is home after three months in Germany; Dominique has stayed on to work there for a while.
- Mario is back at work at Action Philippines after his "rib incident" - just don't try to hug him yet :).
- "Horrible" Bob should be back from Japan this month so you know where you can soon watch "the game of hooligans and villains" (aka football) again :).
- Alain is heading to Switzerland for six weeks "holiday" and will be back in September.
- Larry in Balabagon wants to buy a golf cart. Does anyone know whether it's possible to get these in Cebu?
- Lybeth and Vangie are extending Lantaw and building a new kitchen at the back. That means more seating capacity which is good news for all who enjoy good food and a great view!
- James is around and can "often" be found at LFS :)
- Coos has been occasionally sighted heading to the dark side - north of Pacitas :)
- is anyone interested in learning Visayan? Johan (Neptune) and I are and we want to organise regular lessons from a real teacher, no idea of costs or timings yet. Please send me a note if you're interested.
- Ramon is sort-of looking for another place to stay with his gf and baby: three bedrooms needed. You can leave a message for him at LFS or stop him when you see him en route if you know of somewhere!
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For the (old) election news from May, congratulations of course to Ling Ling Rozgoni on her election as Vice-Mayor, Jinky Hanika on her re-election as Councellor and Nelson Abenido for election also as Councellor. Interestingly I remember Ling Ling telling me last year that she wanted to "ease up" a bit. Not sure whether being Vice-Mayor is going to help much with that but good luck! :)

We're not sure when the canyon above Kawasan will reopen for adventure trips. It was supposed to be this month but that's not yet confirmed. In the meantime other canyons are still accessible for those who insist on throwing themselves down rivers, off cliffs 'n' such-like madness :).

Gossip: none. Note to self: should get out more :)

Finally to all our Swiss residents and subscribers: happy 1 August which is Swiss National Day. Bratwurst, fireworks and Jaegerbombs on the Moalboal jetty anyone? :)

All the best to all,

Simon Wright.
moalboal-owner [at]

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