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Hello all friends of Cebu !!

Here's a few comments from Facebook

1. everything is ok in Moalboal after the earthquake. my house was shaking a bit for a minute. The east side of cebu and bohol got it worse, some buildings have collapsed and there are casualties as well.

2. Rather large earthquake just happened. Whole room shook for several seconds. A great feeling if you're in the safety of a well-built building. Hopefully there's not been too much damage elsewhere — feeling shocked.

3. I just felt the earth move. OK, I was not in bed with my lovely wife !!!. 7.2 earthquake on the neighbour island. This one was not felt as strong as last years 6.8 across the straight.

4. 7.0 på Richter på Bohol. Gungade rätt bra här också. Ett antal kubikmeter vatten skvimpade över från poolen.

5. that was exciting. It was a 7.2 in Bohol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx As far as I know, not much did happen in Moalboal. Mike is in Cebu City and they have closed everything, not even possible to find somewhere to eat. Cebu City did have damages and some people dead, but moalboal is doing OK.

Take care,