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Yolanda again

Hello Friends of Moalboal!

Last Wednesday we collected around 40,000 pesos at the fund raiser.

The day after they went up to Bantayan island and they were the FIRST to get to the northern part with relief food. Marciel told me it was well received and appreciated.

This Wednesday, we are again, at CHILI BAR, having a fund raiser.

Joonas (A guy I trust) will use his boat and go to the smaller more remote islands around Bantayan to help them.

Today Tuesday they are loading Queen X, a 30 meter boat, at Moalboal pier. Please go there if you want to drop off your old T-shirts, blankets, rope, a bag of nails, medicine, cooking utensils or anything you might think could be useful to people that have lost everything.

I’m sorry that I could not give any more advance notice, I just found out.

CHILI BAR will donate 10,000 pesos again and hope that all you great people can help us as well.

The money donated today will go for food/water shopping only. Diesel, boat, crew is already paid for.


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