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Yolanda and fund-raising

Hello Friends of Moalboal!

The fund raiser was held at Chili Bar last Wednesday.

Around 40,000 pesos was collected.

- Neptune Dive Shop/Lantau donated 10,000
- Chili Bar donated 10,000
- Ricks tattoo shop donated 2,000
- The Chili Bar staff gave all the tip they made that evening.

And a big thank you to all other that donated last Wednesday.

Maricel and Torsten have now done shopping and already gone up to Bantayan Island in Mikes Land Cruiser to distribute food.

Some people have asked if they could donate via PAYPAL, or pay later. Sorry that we could not help you this time but I'm sure there are other ways to donated money/help/food.

Also congratulations to Slovak Peter that won the pool tournament.


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