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Yolanda IV

Hello Friends of Moalboal !

Here's a movie showing where the money from the first fund raiser at Chili Bar together with Moalboal Backpackers went. Movie made by Martin Ro.

It's really worth watching.

The second fundraiser had a bit of a twist. Joonas loaded up his 30 meter boat Queen X in Moalboal. After that they went north to Toledo to take onboard a few more tons of rice but had problem with the boat. It all ended well when Outsiders motorcycle club came with trucks and boats to the rescue. All the food, money got delivered.
Please look at this web site:

So all friends, please understand that there’s plenty of food and material available in the Philippines to help and rebuild the damaged areas. The problem is money and how to get the relief to the areas.

Do NOT cancel you bookings to the Philippines. Just by coming here spending your money, you are helping the Philippine economy.

I also got this from Chris White.

Hi Lars,

Any of your readers who still would like to help my be interested in supporting the relief fund we are organizing at Turtle Bay Dive Resort. With the funds collected we will adopt families in the devastated areas of Leyte and Northern Cebu and we will provide them with a daily living allowance until there is work available again where they live. Details of the relief fund can be found on our FaceBook page

Best Regards,

Chris White
Turtle Bay Dive Resort
check latest news at


I got this from Patrick:

i just want you to know that your collective efforts are greatly appreciated by pinays and pinoys scattered around the world. when you are thousands of miles away you feel powerless to help even though we're helping in our own limited ways. i have retold your news to many many expat pinoys here in upstate new york to try to boost their spirits. there is a survivors' guilt evident here among those who are far removed from families. i told them that people all over the philippines are quietly moving food and supplies into devastated areas. they jusy quietly sob because they know what pinoys at home are going through. i just can't thank you and your friends enough for stepping up. the filipino people are such a decent wonderful warm and friendly god-fearing people they deserve all the help we can all muster. pat ellis 'kuyapat'


I got this from Elmo Siap:


Am so glad to hear you guys doing these missionary work. This is the unarguably the good side of the beer nights.


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