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Yolanda update

Hello Friends of Moalboal!

The fund raiser for Yolanda/ Haiyan last Wednesday was a success.
- Lars Vesslan donated a gin&tonic to everyone in CHILI BAR but the money went to the donation (5000).
- The staff of Chili donated all their tip.
- Chili Bar donated 10,000.
- Outsiders motorcycle club donated 60,000.
- Joris and Sabine, long-time friends of Moalboal had collected 75,000 from their friends in Belgium, that arrived via back packers lodge.

Please read below, at least all the relief is going to where it should be by people we trust.

At the moment it's just to try to make people survive, soon they will need supplies for building simple roofs to stay dry, sewage and so on.

Joonas Tenhunen
Project Island relief - Accident in Toledo!

Accidents can be very scary and so was this one. Due to high waves we slowed down our speed to 5 knots, which made progress slow. We planned to anchor in Toledo, where more supplies were to be brought on. Going in, sidewind and a big wave caused the boat to roll heavily and the front mast broke and 4 of the outriggers snapped. We still managed to make it into port where later that night, an emergency repair was made.

It was clear though, Queen X was not in state to deliver supplies to typhoon victims without risking the boat and ourselves. We were now at a standstill, with 2 tons of supplies that has to get out. Fortunately there are many others involved in helping people. Out of the additional 97 000 pesos I was carrying, 60 000 came from donations that has been collected by Outsider MC and their friends in Sweden. It was given to us, to purchase goods to be delivered on the small islands on east side. Now, we called them back instead, since they have boats in Maya, and a big truck in Cebu and ongoing help-operations. They drove the truck in the evening, from Cebu to Toledo. With the help of crew from a nearby ship, we unloaded Queen X, and got it all on the truck for further delivery to Mactan, Cebu. From there it will be shipped to up north. You may check on their homepage There they show what various help projects they have. Rest assured your donations WILL help.

I can only say I am truly sorry we failed with Queen X to visit the islands we initially intended. The important part is though, that help is being distributed. We made it partially, and our friends will kindly now do the rest. This morning, after checking all the papers, we got clearance from harbor police to leave port. Sea is dead calm so, we now are on our way back to Moalboal. There we will have extensive repairs in drydock. Frontmast, outriggers and fixing of other damages as well. We are a bit down and saddened, but definitely not out! We will come back! Most important, nobody got injured, and suffering people will get relief goods. I so much thank you all for your support! / Joonas

Joonas Tenhunen
A bit tired, some hours ago, we loaded about half a ton of rice, sardines, noodles and more to Queen X. That excluding water and other supplies. We are on the go! More then half a ton of more goods to be bought in Toledo tomorrow and additional stuff to be loaded on further up north. I am very happy my good friends Per Mike Wallin, Jörgen Språng, Dennis Pettersson, Micke Pinoy Lars Stärner and LingLing and others are all into this, most of them even taking their time joining along the trip and contributing both with money, time and their skills in logistics. It feels awesome! I really hope we can do some good. Some have asked about contributions: Any contribution is welcome, small or big. We continuously buy FOOD, WATER AND OTHER SUPPLIES for 100 % of what will come in. We already have the trip covered, by our own means, so feel free to send it as a XMAS gift instead of buying socks or a not needed new gadgets...

Some have asked about account to donate to, so I repeat:

In Sweden you can send to

Bankgiro. Pixxon AB 5401-4139, write TYFON
From abroad you may send to paypal: joonas.tenhunen [at] joonas.tenhunen [at] (mailto:)
You may also send via IBAN: SE8080000816613930458231

We are set to go, tomorrow we are off. Of course we let you know how all goes! Both with pictures and words!

Below is from Ruben, a guy that Liz ( a Moalboal girl) knows and trusts.



When everything started, it was really difficult to foretell the Consequences of the disaster that was going to take place in our island. Someone wrote on my facebook: ‘Expect the unexpected’.But human beings are not able to do that. Locals got ready to face the storm as they were used to. They have been through many tropical storms already. However, Yolanda (the name of the damned typhoon) brought destruction and terror: the Philippines was going to meet death, face to face, during the past 8th of November.

It's hard to explain what happened in Malapascua that morning without feeling my stomach shrink. Tears keep on coming to my eyes.

But if there is something engraved in my heart, that is fear. During those hours we felt completely helpless and desolate. I still keep on waking up feeling the anxiety of the escape, running as fast as I could in the middle of the storm. Every morning, when I open my eyes, I hope that nothing has happened, that our ‘isla bonita’ is still the same as it used to be. But sadness comes back every single morning to show me the harsh reality.

I cannot imagine a higher level of destruction, only if mixed with a devastating earthquake or with a tsunami. Malapascua has been lacerated, tortured, rapped and flattened, and the scarves of such deep injuries will stay there for decades to remind everybody the natural disaster. The sight was heart-breaking. Devastated neighborhoods were just rubble now.The homes of humble and happy people were now a mountain of jumble irons. People trying to find any belonging in the middle of the ruins. Some of them happy to be unexpectedly alive. Others mourning with despair in the middle of the storm to find out that they are homeless. Children are drinking an eating the crashed coconuts, aware of chance they have of getting fed. Posts had fallen into the huts and electricity wires were everywhere.

Some houses still remained there, but without roofs; roofs that had flown away and had hit the ground again. The beach had become a cemetery of dead ships, like cripple bodies that will not be able to fish ever again. Fallen or beheaded palm trees everywhere, uprooted trees that had turned into dead monsters. Nevertheless, and in spite of the terrible nightmare, Yolanda could not cut short the life of anyone in this island, inhabited by natural-born survivors. What’s more, a baby girl chose such an inappropriate day to be born, and she has been named Yolanda. So, MALAPASCUA 1- YOLANDA 0.

Two crucial elements were the key for the survival of the Malapasqueños, among which I include myself:

1) When the eye of the typhoon reached us, it was already morning time. Due to this fact, everybody was already awoken. In addition, the sun light gave us the chance to leave our homes and run as fast as we could, leading our steps to a more stable building, and only suffering some bruises in our bodies. During the night, in the pitch black, and without electricity, just a few would have risked their lives.

2) The tide was low, so the sea waves, which were expected to be as high as 6 meters, vanished before reaching the shore.
Not even the strongest typhoon ever registered in the zone could destroy us, and it is now when we have to keep on fighting in order to survive.

We went through the danger, but Yolanda has left a path of hunger and illnesses if enough help is not received soon.

Almost all the help and aid that is being received is being sent to the big cities. Isolated places, such as our island, is receiving not enough funds. The resorts, as ours, are cooperating as much as we can, but Malapascua needs food, drinking water and construction materials in order for people to be able to build their homes again.

There are people sleeping under destroyed zinc plates or under anything they can find in between the complete chaos that can be used as shelter. Any donation is essential.

With just €5, two families can eat and drink for a day, or they can buy a zinc plate in order to rebuild the roof of their houses. Over here, we still have to go through really tough times, and the sad reality is that after Christmas nobody will remember us. The amount of money that you spend in a packet of cigarettes can lower the suffering of these people. The massive aid that the country is receiving is being prostituted by politicians, who use them to score a point for their ego and, consequently, they slow down its arrival. Foreign residents are going to try to help, as individuals, as much as possible, starting with those in need of help that live closer to us. No need of going too far away: Indonacion, where I live, neighborhood of humble fishermen, suffered the frontal attack of Yolanda, and it is seriously damaged.

This is a calling to all my friends, and the friends of my friends. You have the chance to cooperate with the certainty that your aid is not going to get lost among the nonsense bureaucracy.

There are several projects taking place in Malapascua. They are all good. This one is just another one. The more, the better. Attached to this message, you can find my Bank and Paypal account. The money is going to be used to cover the cost of the basic needs of the population for the following weeks or even months. If you cannot cooperate, not even with 1 €, please I would really appreciate you posting this message on your Facebook wall, and maybe somebody else can help us. If do can do both much better.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Ruben Rubi Carnacea
2100 3725 44 21 00355291

Paypal: [at]


Hello Friends of Moalboal!

Last Wednesday we collected around 40 000 pesos at the fund raiser.

The day after they went up to Bantayan island and they were the FIRST to get to the northern part with relief food. Marciel told me it was well received and appreciated.

This Wednesday, we are again, at CHILI BAR, having a fund raiser.

Joonas (A guy I trust) will use his boat and go to the smaller more remote islands around Bantayan to help them.

Today Tuesday they are loading Queen X, a 30 meter boat, at Moalboal pier. Please go there if you want to drop off your old T-shirts, blankets, rope, a bag of nails, medicine, cooking utensils or anything you might think could be useful to people that have lost everything.

I'm sorry that I could not give any more advance notice, I just found out.

CHILI BAR will donate 10 000 pesos again and hope that all you great people can help us as well.

The money donated today will go for food/water shopping only, Diesel,boat,crew is already paid for.


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